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The MSAG Worldwide 2013-2014 covers medical school application in 13 countries including academic and examination requirements, interview and personal statement information, financial information and much more. Find out what makes the MSAG Worldwide the most complete medical school application guidebook on the market: Advantages of the MSAG Worldwide Edition.



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Study medicine abroad

Students from North America and Europe may choose to study medicine abroad. Popular destinations are medical schools in Australiamedical schools in the Caribbeanmedical schools in Ireland and medical school in Eastern Europe. Medical schools in these countries are usually easier to gain admission to with lower GPA and lower MCAT or GAMSAT score requirements. Some schools in countries like the Czech Republic and Australia also allow students to enter a 4 year program without a completed undergraduate degree (as several medical schools in Canada and do), allowing some students to finish their medical training earlier than they would have had they waited to apply in their home country. If for some personal reasons, you were not able to complete your undergraduate degree, these medical schools can be a good option. 


For some countries such as Australia, Romania and the Caribbean, the application deadlines are usually later than the final decision dates for Canadian, UK and , allowing students to apply after they have heard back from schools in their home country. 


There are many advantages to applying to medical schools abroad and these are detailed in the country specific introductions of the MSAG Worldwide 2013-2014. However, downsides also need to be considered. When returning to your home country to practice, you might be at a disadvantage when competing for residency/training posts compared to local medical graduates. Match rates tend to be higher for US students who graduated from US schools than US students who studied abroad. However, in the US for example, USMLE scores carry a lot of weight in the residency match and thus you can make up for this by doing well in your USMLE examination.


There are other minor disadvantages you might want to consider such as the more limited number of hospitals available during your rotation years at some programs such as those at some Caribbean schools. This being said, the most significant thing you want to be careful about is the accreditation of the medical school you are choosing, to make sure you can work where you plan to once you graduate. Even if a school is WHO (World Health Organization) listed, medical graduates from certain medical schools may not be allowed to practice in their country/state of choice. Refer to the “returning home to practice” section of the MSAG Worldwide 2013-2014 for information on returning to practice in your home country after graduation from an international medical school. On our website you can also find information on Accreditation of Caribbean Medical Schools.



Information in the MSAG Worldwide 2012-2013

Whether you have excellent grades or have not achieved the grades you hoped to achieve in your undergraduate degree, “where to apply” is one of the most important and challenging question to answer. In this guidebook, you will first find a concise summary of the competitiveness and important application considerations when applying to medical schools in the countries covered in this guide.  For each country, you will find information on:

  1.  Number of medical programs in English
  2.  General admissions statistics
  3.  Competitiveness - GPA and academic requirements
  4.  Pre-requisites, entrance exams and other entrance requirements
  5.  Application process summaries


This guide is written for students who are currently completing an undergraduate degree or who have completed an undergraduate degree. It covers admission to medical programs offered in English in the following countries:

  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Australia
  • Caribbean
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovak Republic
  • Ukraine


For detailed information about all the content of this guidebook, to order the guidebook or to look at the table of contents, please visit the MSAG Worldwide 2013-2014 page.



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