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Medical School Hungary


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Comparing Hungarian Medical Schools

Hungary has four 6-year medical courses. Two of these programs allow students with undergraduate degrees to complete their education in a shorter period of time (usually 5 years, but occasionally 4 years). Students who are keen on finishing their medical degree abroad in four years should also consider applying in Ireland and Poland, where more 4 year programs are available.


The University of Szeged is among the few universities in Eastern Europe which has a medical school in English and ranks in the top 500 worldwide according to the QS World University Rankings. Although rankings are not always a good indicator of quality education, this speaks to the history and credibility of the university's education. The other Hungarian universities with English medical schools were not ranked in the top 500 last year, but this does not necessarily mean they the medical schools do not have good quality education. 


Hungary is a member of the E.U, and therefore, unlike the Ukraine and Croatia (Croatia, is expected to become an E.U member in 2013), students graduating from Hungarian medical schools are able to more easily secure post-graduation positions in E.U member states.  



Admissions Requirements?

All four medical schools in Hungary require entrance examinations that are typically administered by a university representative in the applicant's region. Students with undergraduate degrees or strong secondary school grades can sometimes be exempt from writing these tests. 


The medical schools in Hungary tend to accept quite a few English speaking students each year, just like medical schools in Poland, and they actively recruit students from around the world.


There are approximately 3 applications for each position offered. Note, however, that since not all applicants accept admissions offers, the true admissions ratio is more favorable than this.



Medical Schools

The programs open to University Graduates are listed below:

  1. Semmeiweis University
  2. University of Debrecen, Medical and Health Science Center
  3. University of Pecs
  4. University of Szeged, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Medical University

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