Who is Dr Dibah Jiva?

Dibah Jiva is a Doctor in Ophthalmology and the founder of the Medical School Application Guide (The MSAG) in 2008. She has nine years of expertise advising applicants about a strategic approach to medical school application. She founded the MSAG when she was a medical student in the UK. Her personal experience of applying to graduate-entry Medicine in Nottingham, as an international graduate, prompted her to research and publish a book on English-speaking medical schools all over the world, which is currently in its 8th edition. The MSAG guidebook is now annually updated by our team of highly qualified researchers and became a best seller.

Who are the MSAG tutors?

MSAG tutors are qualified Doctors and medical students from different backgrounds who went to different medical schools in the UK. They all have been recruited by Dr Jiva according to a very selective process to ensure high quality successful candidates. All our tutors have a strong interest in education and in helping applicants become doctors. They receive formal training throughout the year for all the services they provide. Many are members of UK medical school interview boards.

How can I be certain of the quality of the services provided?

We work hard to preserve and nourish the quality of the services we provide as we grow. First, our recruitment policy is very strict to ensure we only integrate in our team highly qualified and committed team members. Second, we’ve implemented a robust system of internal training, shadowing and mentoring to sustain the quality of expertise.  Third, we have been guiding prospective medical school applicants for nine years and have retained a success rate of near 100% for all our services. We regularly receive very positive reviews from our customers, career advisers and other external stakeholders – Check reviews on our website.

How much is a one-to-one consulting session?

A one-to-one consulting session with Doctor Jiva lasts one hour and costs £110. A consulting session with Dr Dibah Jiva will give you valuable insight into the medical school admissions process, and will help you to maximise your strengths as an applicant and avoid common pitfalls, of which all applicants should be aware. This consulting session is unique and tailored to your needs.

How much is a one-to-one interview tutoring?

A one-to-one medical school interview tutoring with one of our qualified doctors lasts an hour and costs £80. Each session focuses on your needs and is tailored to you by using the marking schemes of your chosen medical schools. Sessions booked with our interview leads (Doctors with few more years of experience) can cost £100.

How much is a one-to-one personal statement tutoring?

A one-to-one personal statement interview tutoring with one of our qualified doctors lasts an hour and costs £80. It provides you help with planning, writing and editing your personal statement and advice on the selection criteria and marking schemes for the medical schools that you wish to apply to.

How much is a personal statement Review?

A personal statement review from 2 of our qualified doctors costs £75. It provides you with line by line comments on your statement as well as editing using track changes, a structuring guide tailored to your content and a detailed marking scheme. Your statement is also marked against the marking scheme of one medial school of your choice.

What types of payment do you accept?

We send you an invoice by email and would appreciate if you could pay the full amount before we deliver the service. We accept bank transfers, all major debit and credit cards as well as pay pal transfers. You can also choose to pay directly via our website.

What is the refund policy?

We do not offer refund on any of the services we provide. If you have booked a service and need to change the date and time, contact us and we will try our best to accommodate if possible.

Where can I have one-to-one tutoring?

MSAG tutors are based in London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Belfast as well as other locations in the UK, Canada and Spain. When you order a one-to-one service, please specify where you are based and where you would like to have your one-to-one. Although we are very happy to meet you in person when convenient for you, note that we offer 80% of our sessions via skype and can thus accommodate clients from all locations. This provides the exact same quality experience and no difference in our success rate.

Where are Medical School Interview courses and MMI circuits held?

We are hosting both classes in London and Birmingham. We are planning to open additional locations soon. In you are a school or organisation who have over 6 students interested in a session, we can also run a session at your location/venue. Please contact us to arrange this.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, we do. Widening access to medicine by encouraging applicants from various backgrounds is one of our core values. Every team member agrees to perform some pro bono work for that purpose. Scholarships are thus available for all services provided by the MSAG.

What are the scholarship criteria and the application process?

We offer full or partial scholarships to applicants in financial need. Get in touch with our finance department [email protected] who will perform a thorough check of your financial profile.