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So, you want to be a doctor?

You will find on the website and in our guidebooks all the information you will need to get into medical school. We provide up to date information on medical school admissions in 13 countries


Medical school admissions - Free personalised help and support

For any customer who has a question not answered in our guidebooks, we do our best to research the answer for them, through contacting the medical school admissions offices directly if need be or using other ressources. By trusting us, you will be buying not only the most comprehensive and up to date guidebook to help you get into medical school, but also, unlimmited customer support, to answer any questions related to medical school admission.


Medical school admissions guidebook reviews


"The Medical School Application Guide is the most popular book borrowed by our students looking to take up Graduate Entry Medicine. It gives an excellent insight into the strategic issues involved in applying to Medicine" -Pamela Andrew, Career Adviser at St Andrews University


 "I think it [MSAG worldwide] is an excellent source for information regarding medical schools. It's very well organized and had all the information one could want. Defintely getting your money's worth with this purchase" -Hannah Anderson-Knight, Scotland


 "I was very impressed with your guide. The amount of time and effort put in shows through and upon reading this I feel that approaching the world of graduate medicine, I am far better prepared. Some if the information that has been added covers areas that I wouldn't have considered prior. An example would be the ability to pick a university based on its decision of which aspect of the application it prioritises."-Michael Lockhart, UK


Medical school admission ressources


1. Medical school admission in North America and the Caribbean



2. Medical school admission in the UK



3. Medical school admission in Europe and Australia